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About Us:

Magen Laoref, which means ďHome-front ShieldĒ, a non-profit organization, aims to:

  • Put pressure on Israelís decision-makers by creating public awareness about the advantages of using multiple technologies to counter current and future ballistic threats to Israel.

  • Convince the decision makers within the Ministry of Defense and other government officials of the effectiveness of High Energy Laser Systems,
    such as Nautilus/Skyguard, in eliminating all such threats targeted at Israel.

  • Focus immediate efforts on convincing decision-makers to deploy the existing Nautilus system as soon as possible near the city of Sderot to provide it with an available tested protection system.

Method of activity:

  • Arranging conferences and public relations events to create public awareness of available technologies.

  • Appealing to the media in Israel and abroad to carry the story.

  • Meeting with Government officials in order to convince them that only multilayer technologies can provide the optimal solution.

  • Following the process until reaching the organizationís goals.

"Magen Laoref" (Home-Front Defense) Executives:

ד"ר עודד עמיחי תא"ל (מיל.) צבי שור

Dr. Oded Amichai
Chairman; an expert in laser systems; former senior R&D scientist and project manager in the defense institutes and industries.

BG (Ret.) Zvi Shur
President; Industrial Engineer; formerly the Financial Adviser to the Chief of Staff and head of the IMoD Financial Department,
in charge for all its
financial affairs.

      In alphabetical order:

  • Yael Artzi: Journalist, Marketing and Export Manager (Ret).

  • Hezi Aspis: Engineer; Industrialist.

  • Eli Bar-On: An economist, specializing in system and performance analysis of technological systems.

  • Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Yitzhak Brik: Division and Corps Commander, Commander of Military Academies, IDF Ombudsman, awarded the IDF Medal of Courage.

  • BG. (Ret.) Amatzia Chen (Patzi): Division and Corps Commander, Commander of the major ground forces training center, developer of unique martial doctrines

  • Prof. Ariel Cohen: Physicist, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  • Dr. Eli Miron: Physicist, external lecturer at Ben Gurion University, former senior scientist in Israel's defense institutes

  • Dr. Israel Smilanski: Specialist in elerctro-optics and lasers, formerly senior scientist in the defense and in industial institutes, locally and abroad 

Retired Executives:

  • Col. (Ret.) Jacob Agassi: Formerly one of the senior commanders in the IAF.

  • Dr. Nathan Farber: Aeronautic Engineer, a missiles expert; formerly senior engineer in the defense institutes and industries and senior lecturer at the Technion (Ret).

  • Ory Ganany: Economist and entrepreneur, including in social and cultural assimilations.

  • Prof. Gershon Grossman: Mechanical Engineer, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Our deceased friends:

  • R.I.P Col. (Ret) Yossi Arazi: Fighter pilot, head of the IAF systems department, an electronic engineer and one of the founders of "Magen Laoref"

  • R.I.P Prof. Gideon Czapski: Physical Chemist, formerly the Rector of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and executive from the day our organization was founded.

  • R.I.P Prof. Yeshaya Nebenzahl: Physicist, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; formerly senior scientist in the defense industries and executive from the day our organization was founded.

  • R.I.P Prof. Akiva Bar-Nun: Tel Aviv University, formerly Head of Israelís Space Agency

  • R.I.P Motti Morell: Strategic, communication and P.R consultant.

  • R.I.P Dr. Reuven Pedahzur: a former fighter pilot, an airline captain, security commentator in a major daily and a radio station, fellow researcher and lecturer on security and military issues at Netanya College.

  • R.I.P Dr. Aharon Postan: Physicist, former senior scientist in Israelís defense industries, formerly Associate Professor at The University of Arizona

  • R.I.P Dr. Shmuel Rahat: Former senior mechanical engineer within Israelís defense establishment

  • R.I.P Dr. Nadir Tsur: A journalist at major radio stations, a writer, poet and political science researcher

"Magen Laoref" Ė Overt Members and Supporters
(Arranged by alphabetical order)

Michael Azulay: Civil Engineer
Prof. Nissim Ben-Yosef: Physicist, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Eviatar H. Ben-Zedeff: Research Fellow, the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, at The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya
Prof. Avshalom Elitzur: Physicist, Chapman University, California
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Dr. Ido Embar: The Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies
Ami Etinger: Senior Journalist 
Eyal Goren: Engineer, Building Manager
Dr. Jacob Halevy-Politch: Physicist, General Manager of JetGuide, formerly senior scientist in Israelís defense industries
Gideon Heller: Former senior engineer in Israelís defense industries
Jacob Ish-Shalom: Former senior economist at the Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor
Dr. Jacob Itzikowitz: Computer sciences and information systems specialist, formerly a researcher at the Weizmann Institute
Dr. Joshua Kalisky: Physicist, former senior scientist in Israelís defense institutes
Dr. Yoram Kirson: Physicist, former senior scientist in Israelís defense industries
Oded Lifshitz: Journalist; member of kibbutz Nir Oz, located near the Gaza strip
BG (Ret,) Joseph Maayan: Formerly General Manager of the Ministry of Defense
Adv. Simha Nyr: Lawyer and publicist
Dr. Dan Ratner: Robotic specialist
Tsachi Raviv: Industrialist and businessman 
Dan Rogel: Former senior engineer in Israelís defense industries; twice awarded with Israelís Defense Prize, for outstanding achievements
Joshua Sobol: Prominent Israeli playwright
Dr. Dan Spector: Physicist, formerly senior scientist in Israelís defense industries
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Emanuel Sussman: Former senior engineer in Israelís defense establishment
Dr. Avraham Venetzia: Physicist, former senior scientist in Israelís defense industries
Dr. Meir Yogev: Former senior engineer in Israelís defense industries
Dr. Haim Zaklad: Engineer, entrepreneur and manager of a high-tech company

Articles & Letters

Opinion | Finally, Israel's Military Has Recognized the Importance of Lasers By Oded Amichai, Haaretz, 12.6.22

Egypt in talks with Ukraine to buy high-precision rockets systems By Dylan Malyasov, Defence Blog, 4.11.2021

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Iron Dome - The True Story By N. Farber and Y. Artzi, 12.03.15

Israelís Iron Dome Isnít Working: A Weapons Expertís Warning By Peter Coy,
  Bloomberg. 21.07.14

The evidence that shows Iron Dome is not working By Theodore A. Postol, Bulletin of the
  Atomic Scientists, 19.07.14

The fallibility of Iron Dome missile defense By Reuven Pedatzur, Haaretz, 10.11.13

'Israel's missile-defense system could crumble at the moment of truth' By Yossi Melman,
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The Secret of the Wonder Weapon That Israel Will Show Off to Obama By Karl Vick, Time
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▪  Airborne laser shoots down missile in test, Pentagon says By W.J. Hennigan, Los Angeles Times, 13.2.10

▪  ALTB Boeing - first time a laser weapon has engaged and destroyed an in-flight ballistic
   missile, Boeing, 12.2.10

Experts to the Prime Minister: Iron Dome will not be able to defend By Amir Buchbut, Maariv,

Boeing Airborne Laser Team Completes 1st Airborne Test Against Instrumented Target
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Transforming the battlefield: The laserís edge / AEROSPACE AMERICA, March 2007

The Solid State Laser (SSL) Myth, By Dr Oded Amichai, Omedia - The Security Agenda,

Photo Release -- Homeland Security Department to Evaluate Skyguard High-Energy Laser
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Why are we ignoring the Nautilus? By Oded Amichai, Ha'aretz, 12 September 2004

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